Welcome to our farm website. If you are new to Hunters’ Greens, or new to CSAs, you can find out more about our CSA and us, you can SIGN UP with our CSABrochure2016, or you can read more about life and farming in Clark County, Washington. We look forward to connecting with you as we head into another Food Odyssey!.

Shares are $500, winter storage shares are $150.  The season will start sometime in mid to late May and end in early October and will last 20 weeks.

Find out where to pick up your share:

Hunters’Greens pick up point details and directions!

And, remember to check up on the Season’s Updates

We send our thoughts and thanks out to all our members who joined in on the share.  We are accepting additional donations to help defray the cost for potential CSA members experiencing hardship during these difficult times.  If you can make a donation we would be most appreciative.



If you have old or ugly pillow cases you would like to donate to the cause, we would accept them with gratitude.  If you are signed up for a flower share choose a bouquet from the buckets.  You may want to bring a container or plastic sack  to put it in.  Sometimes we remember sacks but often we don’t.

The season runs from about the first Wednesday in June to mid October. Get started today by downloading the share agreement and getting it in to Jim and Diane:   brochure2016

Please note this on your calendar, as you all seem to forget sometime in October, and in this digital age, don’t have a piece of paper to refer to…

Questions? Call us at 256-3788, preferably not at 3:30 Wednesday!

  • Make a direct connection to your food source
  • Eat farm fresh, wholesome vegetables every week
  • Support local sustainable farming and land use
  • Help wage peace towards a just economy

What is community supported agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is an approach to our food system that strengthens the bond between farmers and the communities to which they belong. Community members commit in advance to support “their” farm through their food purchases. Farmers commit to supply the community members with a good variety of fresh, wholesome produce. You can read more about CSAs by visiting Local Harvest.
Shared Risks and Shared Rewards

Farming is a necessary but very risky business enterprise. CSA members help stabilize and secure a future for farms in their communities by sharing the risk. So if it is a hot summer, members will get lots of tomatoes and cucumbers, if it rains all season they might have to make do with lettuce and carrots. (And there is a lot you can make do with lettuce and carrots.)

About Us

Diane and Jim Hunter have owned and operated Hunters’ Greens Farm in Brush Prairie since 1996. They have operated their CSA since 2001, and they farm using sustainable practices: No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Prior to starting Hunters’ Greens, Jim was a lifelong student of agriculture and a community activist. Diane raised a family and kept books for a small business.

Through their farm and the restoration of a 1912 working class home, they hope to demonstrate a simple lifestyle in tune with their environment.