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It is the time for marketing our CSA. Marketing is tough these days. As the wider society begins to recognize the importance of healthy food, the options for purchasing it are multiplying. We find ourselves asking, if people can find can naturally grown products in the super market, why will they want to accept “potluck” of the locally available produce we provide?

Our answer is freshness. The only way to beat the freshness provided by the CSA model is to pick it yourself.

Food you buy off a shelf may have traveled thousands of miles and sat in a warehouse or on the shelf for who knows how long. Even local food purchased at a market or farm stand must stand on a shelf until you buy it, often under less than ideal storage conditions. The key to CSA is that you’ve already purchased the food when it is harvested from the field. By committing to buy in advance the need to store until a purchaser is found is eliminated.

Freshness matters. The fresher the produce, the better the flavor, texture and aroma will be. For many vegetables, the freshest food is also the most nutritious. Some have argued that frozen foods are more nutritious than fresh produce, because the nutrients are locked in when the food is frozen. That analysis only flies if the fresh food is sitting in a warehouse or store shelf for days before you eat it. CSA food can go from the field to your table the same day.

And finally, because CSA farmers can get produce to the consumer fresher than anyone else, we can offer varieties of vegetables that are chosen for their flavor rather than their shelf life.

While the “potluck – take what we give you,” model isn’t for everyone, some find it to be an adventure that can transform their eating habits toward a healthier lifestyle. If the model does work for you, the rewards of eating the freshest food money can buy are abundant.

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