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Dear CSA-ers,

One of you called about the cucumbers.  Diane got the message, but Jim is responding, so if he doesn’t  address your question correctly it was lost in translation via the Hunters‘ Greens post office.

It appears Jim has been doing this too long and has lost the ability to empathize with those who are just discovering the diversity of vegetables that he has come to take for granted.

Some of your cucumbers may be yellow, and some may even be a combination of yellow and russet brown.  This is a weird variety Jim decided to try from India called something like Poona Kheera.  So don’t be alarmed by the color.

The message may have had something about them being soft.  This may be.  We apologize.  If they are, we picked them on Tuesday and probably didn’t keep them moist enough over night.  Which raises the question of how to store them.  We are “binging” that question on our molasses slow computer as we speak, but if memory serves, cucumbers don’t really like to be cold, but they should be kept moist.  Maybe a damp towel over the colander or bowl they are in.

As with the zucchini, we pick all sizes, and the smallest ones will get soft first.  So… we don’t think there is probably anything seriously wrong with them, just a little dehydrated.

So… if we have not totally confused you already, the message may have said something about telling the difference between zucchinis and cucumbers.  Alas you may have two shades of green zucchini and one shade of yellow zucchini, as well as green and yellow cucumbers.  We guess the key is that the zucchini all have a fat stem, where as the cucumbers will have a tiny stem or the stem will be absent.  Once you cut into one it should be obvious.

So… our computer choked on the storing cucumber question, so our memory will have to do for now.

Good night to all, and to all a good night.

Jim (for Jim and Diane)

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