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There is one week left in the comment period for the Scoping Phase of the Clark County Growth Management Plan Update.  Comments are needed asking for the plan to address farm land.  As an example here are the comments Jim submitted this morning.

“The plan should address preservation of agricultural resource lands to provide local sources of wholesome food and provide ground water recharge and wildlife habitat.  Land available for a range of farm sizes is needed.  Agricultural resource land in the western half of the county should be prioritized because of it soil quality and water availability.  Small to medium owner operated farms could provide a significant source of quality employment.  Opportunity for comment is inadequate.”

Comments can be submitted by going to the Clark County Government website at the address: http://www.clark.wa.gov/planning/2016update/     if you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the sentence, “Send comments in to the record by completing this form.”, a form will appear with blanks to fill out.  Note that the subject line must be 25 characters or less and the comment must be 500 characters or less.  When your comment is submitted, a message thanking you for your comments should appear.

I believe “agricultural resource lands” is the technical term used in the planning process for lands that should be preserved and zoned for agriculture.  I don’t know if this is important to include in your comments.  Our farm is currently not zoned agriculture but is in the “current use taxation program” which is another tool for preserving farm lands and might bear mentioning.

On a better computer than ours, this process should only take a few minutes.  It is important to submit comments in the scoping phase so the subject you want addressed is included in the plan.  If I understand the process correctly, you don’t have to make an elaborate case at this point, just get the subject you want considered into the record.


Jim and Diane Hunter

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