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We hope the New Year is treating you well!

2016 SHARE SIGN UP. Diane is getting anxious about finances, so it’s once again time to pop the question regarding the 2016 season. Seasoned veterans will know the drill. We start asking now if you’ll be joining us for this year’s produce season, and we keep asking until you’ve all said yes or no. Alas, some of you will hold out until May.

Before you procrastinate, let us give you a few reasons why we start asking so early, and how you will help us if you give us an answer, whether it’s yes or no:

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Winter Squash For Winter Shares

1) It is the most efficient use of our time to do our marketing during these cold wet winter days, when there is little we can do to start growing your produce. The sooner we can stop marketing, the sooner we can give our full attention to growing your food.
2) The sooner we know how many returning members we have, the sooner we will know how many new members we need to find to fill out our roster.
3) Knowing how many committed members we have allows us to plan how much produce to grow.

So, at this time we will just ask you to drop us a line or give us a call and let us know if you will be joining us. As time goes by, we will become increasingly urgent about seeing checks come in.

Speaking of checks, our summer season will remain at $500 again this year, while our winter storage vegetable share will increase to $150. We last raised our summer share price in 2012, and decided to hold out one more year, to give us an opportunity to discuss with all of you how we should decide what the price of the share should be going forward. Our online brochure/sign up form should be updated in the coming weeks. Installment payments are welcome. If you start early, you can have your share paid for by the start up date.

Speaking of dates, we will shoot for a May 25 start date and an October 5 finish.

KITCHEN TIPS. Rather than our seasonal recipes, this week we’d thought we’d share a couple of tips we’ve discovered over the winter. FLOW CONTROL. Diane has always complained that Jim is using too much oil, and it is ending up on the ceiling, walls, and her antique kitchen items. So here’s our tip: rather than peeling off the seal on the top of the oil bottle, we just poke a few holes in it. Now, rather than dumping out a big glob, Jim can sprinkle it out at a more controlled rate. This technique can be applied elsewhere in the home, we use it on bleach and witch hazel bottles, and Diane controls her flow of powdered cleansers by lifting the adhesive seal and reapplying with only two holes uncovered.

HANDY DINNER ROLL STORAGE. We love bread! We’ve found some great dinner/ sandwich rolls at our local Winco store, including a ciabatta roll, and one called dutch crunch. With only two of us, we need to freeze some so they don’t mold before we eat them, but then it’s a pain if we want to slice them. So…. we slice and butter them (with margarine) before we freeze them. Then we can pull them out, split the halves, and sprinkle cheese and garlic on them and heat them in the oven, or grill them face down in a skillet for toast sandwiches.

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