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It may come as a shock to our once and future CSA members and other friends that CSA Day is CSA-Day-v1being celebrated on February 24 this year. It may also come as a shock that National CSA Day is celebrated every year in the last week of February because studies show that it is the week in which the largest number of people sign up for CSA shares.

So, I guess we’re a little slow here in Clark County. But hey, there’s a bandwagon to get on, so why not get started.  Maybe here at Hunters’ Greens we could aim for signing up our first CSA member by February 24. You can see what all the fuss is about at http://csaday.info/  .   The CSA Day web site is a good place to learn some more background about the CSA movement.

We at Hunters’ Greens are going to use CSA Day to launch our late winter/ spring campaign to recruit members for our summer share. Between now and then we will finish sprucing up our web site at http://huntersgreens.com , populating it with some recipes and essays to fill out the categories we hope to offer in the future.  Check it out.  Then, share it with your friends.

So… why do people sign up for CSA shares in February? Here are a few reasons that come to mind.

  1. In places only slightly weirder than Clark County, people are climbing over each other to join CSAs and they are afraid they might miss out.
  2. Farmers who are better organized than we have been in the past use the down time of the winter months to get their recruiting done, so that it doesn’t interfere with their soil preparation and planting time when the earth warms and dries a little.
  3. Farmers who are less well capitalized than we are, need cash flow early in the season to pay for supplies without incurring debt.
  4. Early commitments from returning CSA members help farmers know how much effort they will have to put into recruiting enough to meet their income requirements.

With regards to number 3, Jim may think we’re different, but Diane who has her finger on the pulse of our financial health is getting mighty nervous by this time of year (and every year seems to make her more nervous). So we don’t need everyone’s checks by February 24th, but a few might be nice.

Whether or not you send a check, a note signifying your commitment would be gratefully received, and remember we can take installments to fit your budget.

A big shout out to Lynn Clarke and Ann Foster for giving us a heads up about National CSA Day.



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