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Back in 1776 when Adam Smith wrote THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, agriculture dominated the economy. In comparing work on farms to work in factories, Smith noted that farmers tend to amble from task to task.  We have to admit that over the last three months there has been plenty of ambling here at Hunters’ Greens.  But as Chief Production Officer, Jim has announced, “the time for ambling is over.”

A March Goal

A March Goal

Jim gets this feeling every spring about this time. Since he took up his obsession with day length, he has realized that March 21 is a magical date.  Between September 21 and March 21, we fall into a light deficit relative to our more southerly neighbors, including California and most of the rest of the United States.  But between March 21 and September 21, we have a light advantage.  Plants that are established will continue to live and produce a modest surplus for humans to harvest during the winter months, but if you want something to GROW, the light side of the calendar is more critical to us than most of the country.

Getting excited about growing plants in January is pretty pointless. In February you might amble through some preparations.  But on March 1 you better start getting ready and hit the soil with your feet running.

Which brings us to the second thought that hits Jim at this time of year, it’s the, “I have to do this, before I can do that,” thought. This year it involves electricity.  A while back we bought a vintage Airstream trailer.  Diane has always admired them and one day Jim realized he’d like an office where he could escape the pets and “All Classical 89.9” and get some writing done.  So he assented to another of Diane’s dreams.

Airstream Project

Airstream Project

As the fall rains arrived we realized we needed at least a light bulb in it to fend off the mildew.   Jim had shut down the green house for the winter, so the monster hundred foot extension cord he used to light it became available.

Last month as Jim began to amble towards starting some onion plants, the consequences of that choice hit home. So before he could start onions, he would have to electrify the Airstream.  After ambling through researching how to do it for a couple weeks, the “oh it’s March feeling,” took hold.

Yesterday, he forsook his ambling morning nap and rushed through his dog walking chores and headed out to see his friend Patrick at Grover’s Electric. Patrick coached him through the most economical choices and Jim came home with 120 feet of wire and conduit.  In the midst of further dog sitting interruptions he began threading the wire through the conduit, and had the run laid out in a couple of hours.

After Jim had served a delicious dinner of Brussels sprouts and carrots in a dry fried noodle stir fry, Diane asked Jim how he was going to spend the evening hours while she attended her cats. The coals of the “March is here,” feeling were still glowing dimly at that hour, but the sun had fallen low in the sky.  “Well, I might write an essay for the web site,” Jim wheedled, but we both knew better.  After all, March is not June, when Diane will call Jim in at eight and he will whine that he needs to get one more row of onions planted, and she will come help him finish in jig time.

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