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We hope you all had joyful holidays.  Here at Hunter’s Greens we are struggling to emerge from our winter hibernation phase and get back in the swing of preparing for another bountiful growing season.

Caylor Rolling of the Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture (PACSAC) gave us a little nudge to wake up to the marketing aspect of our business.  PACSAC is holding a kind of Valentine’s day promotion contest to help the CSAs in the area get rolling.  The idea is that we ask you (our tried and true CSA members) to send an e-mail or face book post to PACSAC about why you love us.  All this is a bit beyond us, so we’re glad Caylor is helping us out.

Here’s how Caylor said it for us:

“Send some love to CSA

You can help us win a gift certificate for our farm from Concentrates. The Portland Area CSA Coalition is inviting CSA members and friends to send Valentines about their farm. Valentines could be a memory of the farm, a photo, a recipe, some sentences describing why our farm is important to you.

Post your Valentines on https://www.facebook.com/PortlandCSA. You can also email them to Caylor@portlandcsa.org.

The contest ends on February 14, and they’ll draw the winning farm on the 15th.  We thought this might be a fun thing to do this time of year, and we hope you’ll join us. Thanks! ”

So that’s how we’re kicking off our marketing, we’d be tickled pink for Valentines Day if you joined in.

Meanwhile we’ve been taking a break from our hibernation to stick some garlic in the ground between rain storms.  Jim has been whacking back the blackberry vines that are creeping towards the vegetable beds.  Diane is pleased by the tidy order of it all, while Jim worries about destroying bunny habitat.  When it gets too dark or wet (most of the time) we snuggle up to the stove and pursue our winter hobbies.  Diane quilts, while Jim spreads family history papers all over the dining room.


There, now we’re rolling, so we’ll be writing again soon.

Jim and Diane Hunter

Hunters’ Greens Farm